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The world’s leading company for elevator and escalator
manufacturing, installation and service

Professional Project Management

Al Bajil Company
The only distributer by Sigma in Iraq

All Way Through Management
For many years of experience in the industry has given us a distinct expertise and challenging mind to take on any elevator difficulties.

Design Process

Al Bajil’s project management team works
with developer/architect to understand
exactly which type of elevator they require,
to select the technology they need, and to achieve optional performance considering
all aspects like shaft sizes, the number of
people moving in and out of the premises, peak-hour traffic, elevator speed and number, and so on.

Installation Process

Installation can make designing criteria maximize and upgrade building’s value.
Our skilled engineers handle specification changes like add-ons to elevator and construction demands happening in the field.
After completion and handover, elevator in operation can be main- tained with the help of accumulated service knowledge.

Reaching New Heights

Engineered to be safe and reliable

Our products are engineered by highly qualified engineers thereby ensuring customers receive excellent products with reliable quality.

Aesthetics design excellence

Our international design centers are staffed with professionals who continue to pursue ideal aesthetic designs to satisfy customers needs.

Global Network

Sigma has served customers in more than 70 countries over the last 40 years.